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Episode 109 | “No one cares, Mike…”

This episode was recorded on April 2nd, 2017.

Nick and Paul join Mike to talk about how comic book art is created (from what we could find on the internet). And also Wrestlemania was this weekend, so we go off a bit about wrestling near the end.


  • 00:00:00 – Start/Last Week in Comics
  • 00:25:36 – Comic Picks
  • 00:37:33 – How It’s Made
  • 01:11:57 – Credits
  • 01:13:44 – Wrestlemania and Lucha Underground

Comic Reads/Picks for this week

  • Punisher #10
  • Transformers vs. GI Joe: The Movie
  • A.D. Volume 1
  • Lazarus #26
  • The Massive #6-12
  • Ether #5
  • Batman #16-17
  • All-Star Batman #8
  • The Spirit: The Corpse Makers
  • Terror Assaulter: One Man War On Terror by Benjamin Marra
  • WWE Wrestlemania Special
  • Suicide Squad/Banana Splits oneshot
  • Cave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye #6
  • Black Widow #12
  • Jughead #13
  • Batman #20
  • Superman #20

Relevant Links/Information

Our music is by Infinity Shred. You find them on Bandcamp.

This week’s episode was produced by Mike Rapin and edited by Zander Riggs.

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