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I Read Comic Books Podcast Posts

Minisode 22 | Planetary vs Fire & Stone

This episode was recorded sometime in the recent past! This week, Mike and Nick discuss two books they picked… for each other! This is the first of a new series called “Book vs. Book” where two people pick comics (roughly equal is length) for the other to read. Then we record an episode. Enjoy!! Don’t forget to take the IRCB…

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Episode 184 | Goodreads Book of the Month – 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank

Kate is BACK this week for our Book of the Month episode with Mike and Kara. As picked by the wonderful folks on Goodreads, our Book of the Month was 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank by Matt Rosenberg, Tyler Boss, and Thomas Mauer.

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Episode 182 | Religion in Comic Books

This episode was recorded on December 2nd, 2018! While Mike was away at a gaming convention, Paul held the reigns for this week’s show with Kait and Nick in tow. The topic for this week: Religion in Comic Books — how is religion portrayed, what does it mean to include religion in comics, and what comic does Nick think was…

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Minisode 21 | Adam Ferris + The Good Fight Anthology

This episode was recorded sometime in the recent past! This week, Mike, Nick, and Kait chat with comic creator and Founding Editor Adam Ferris about his latest endeavor The Good Fight: A Peaceful Stand Against Bigotry and Racism (currently running on Kickstarter!). This anthology includes work from Greg Rucka, Natasha Alterici, Mark Waid, Kelly Fitzpatrick, Christian Ward, and many more…

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Episode 181 | Special Guests: Pat Shand & Emily Pearson

This episode was recorded on November 18th, 2018! This week, we have a special interview episode with Pat Shand (Destiny, NY and Breathless) and Emily Pearson (The Wilds). Mike, Brian, and Kait dive into their new book out on December 5th, Snap Flash Hustle. Pat and Emily tell us about their new book and Pat explains his obsession with Hello…

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