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The Weekly Pull List – January 25th, 2017

C-c-c-comics! They’re a-comin’! What are you reading?

What’s on YOUR Pull List?

Nick White

Nick White
  • Aliens Vs. Predator: Life and Death #2
  • Aliens: Defiance #9
  • Bloodshot U.S.A. #4
  • Dept. H #10
  • Divinity III #2
  • Ether #3
  • Future Quest #9
  • Reborn #4
  • Savage #3

People talk about how publishers don’t have the sort of cooperation and collaboration they used to, that they just don’t get along anymore.  WELL, BASED ON HOW MANY OF MY BOOKS COME OUT THIS WEEK, I CAN ASSURE YOU THAT SOME SORT OF COORDINATION BETWEEN THEM IS ASSUREDLY ALIVE AND WELL.

I’m behind on both of my Aliens titles.  When it comes to the “Life and Death” event, I wrapped the Aliens: Life and Death miniseries a few days back, and have yet to begin Alien Vs. Predator: Life and Death.  As for Aliens: Defiance, the fact that the book’s been juggling some fill-in artists in place of Tristan Jones…is something I’m not diggin’.  I say “fill-in,” because there’s no stylistic or narrative reason to do such otherwise.  Call it being a victim of your own success, but you did put the right guy on this book initially.

You know those books you love so much, that the wait until next month’s issue feels more like a year?  That is 100% how I feel about Bloodshot U.S.A. #4, equal parts anxious and excited for however Jeff Lemire wraps this bite-sized event.  Supes worried that the next thirty-odd pages are gonna result in the loss of one or two characters.  Please don’t kill Bloodhound (who, oddly enough, isn’t actually a bloodhound).

There’s no excuses for it, but I’m behind on Dept. H.  I’ll be…uhh…two issues back when Wednesday’s issue comes out.  Guess that’s not awful.  The same holds true for another Matt Kindt original title from Dark Horse, Ether.  There…I only just need to read issue #2.

Yet, there is a Kindt-written series I am current with, and that’s Valiant’s winter event, Divinity III.  Here’s another book that I could swear it’s been four or five months since its debut issue.  Honestly, Trevor Hairsine’s artwork is as frantic and energetic as ever, and Kindt (perhaps realizing that readers have presumably followed him through the two previous miniseries) has taken off the kid gloves in his approach to the larger Valiantverse.  The fact that this isn’t some weird dream or an isolated “what if” scenario makes it even better.

What I’m about to write about Future Quest is totally selfish and unfair, but here goes: I WANT MORE SHANER PENCILS.  And if I can’t get those, Steve Rude pencils are totally totally totally okay.  Alright?  And don’t tease me with Shaner’s name on the cover, and then have him do two pages at the front, three pages at the back.  I said this might be interpreted as “unfair,” right?  *Looks up*  Alright, good.

Mike’s right about Reborn in that the third issue seemed to jaunt off in a different direction, but I’m not so certain that I possess the anxiety Mike has over this.  Maybe I haven’t read enough Millar’s work to understand where Mike’s coming from.  Still, we know this arc/miniseries caps at six issues, so massive dallying is (hopefully) out of the question.

Finally, there’s Savage, and I have at least seven or eight questions after last month’s issue.  B. Clay Moore and the art team of Larosa and Henry are absolutely tearing it up with a tale that’s equal parts accessible and smart.  Those looking to dip their feet into what Valiant has to offer, wait no further!  Well, I mean, probably wait for the TPB…but after that, WAIT NO FURTHER!

Mike Rapin

Mike Rapin
  • Dept. H #10
  • Ether #3
  • Extraordinary X-Men #18
  • Flash #15
  • Hellblazer #6
  • IvX #3
  • The Punisher #8
  • Reborn #4
  • Saga #42
  • Uber Invasion #2

My comics are out of control.Sort of.

On one hand, I’ve got Matt Kindt delivering some seriously top notch comics over at Dark Horse in both Ether and Dept. H. On the other hand, I have IvX #3 and Extraordinary X-Men #18 that are kind of just… there. Not bad, but not good. I love my X-Men books, but I just want IvX to be over with.

Hellblazer has been a weird book to keep up with. The sudden change in art sort of rubbed me wrong last month, and the story hasn’t seemed to really unfold, despite it being issue #6. I’ve been putting off reading this book every month, too… and that’s not a good sign.

Reborn had better step up. Same with Flash. Both books have me, but the hook can only stay in for so long before I start feeling worn out. I want to be grabbed by a book and then choose to continue, not be pulled around wondering if I’m wasting my time. Despite what I had to say before about Reborn, #3 was a strange turn.

The Punisher will be interesting this month. Becky Cloonan is still writing, which is a plus, but since Steve Dillon’s passing, I’ve been wondering how this book will continue. If they bring in Matt Horak as they did last month, I’ll be happy.

As per usual, I’m continually satisfied with Saga. I’m worried this book is going to wrap in 18 issues and I’ll have a thousand questions. I don’t know if I want a solid end or a forever-story here. I JUST DON’T KNOW!

Uber: Invasion is easily the book I am most looking forward to this month. Gillen absolutely NAILED issue number one. Nailed it. 100%.

Kate Skocelas

Kate Skocelas
Kate Skocelas
  • Animosity: The Rise (one-shot)
  • Black Monday Murders Vol. 1: All Hail God Mammon

This week, I bow to peer pressure and buy Black Monday Murders.  Mike, Tia, Nick and the universe all seem to think that it’s the greatest, so I’m pretty excited.

Animosity continues to be an engaging mix of seriousness and snark.  Juan Doe is the guest artist on the one-shot this week, and I’m interested to see how he handles it.  His previous interior work is stylized and cartoonish, which may not be the best fit for this book.  I hope it turns out well, but if nothing else, it should be interesting.

Paul Jaissle

Paul Jaissle
  • Black Panther #10
  • Doom Patrol #4
  • Future Quest #9
  • Hulk #2
  • She Wolf #5
  • Wonder Woman #15

The last issue of Doom Patrol came out November 9th, which certainly gave the book some, let’s say “interesting”, subtext. The Doom Patrol has always been about a team of marginalized and disenfranchised heroes, and I’m curious to see if Gerard Way lets contemporary politics and culture influence the story.

I really enjoyed the first issue of Hulk, which featured Jennifer Walters coping with the lingering effects of her recent coma. It was a very different take on the character from Charles Soule’s recent She-Hulk series, but it still showcases her resilience and strength. The fact that Walters know seems to have a tenuous hold on her “Hulk” identity suggests that there will be some smashing soon.

Rich Tommaso’s She Wolf returns for its “second season”, this time focusing on the younger sister of the first volumes’s protagonist. Even though this book isn’t quite the “teenage werewolf” story I expected, I am enjoying the unexpected twists Tommaso is exploring. That said, I expect more black magic, satanic rituals, and demonic possessions. You know, fun stuff.