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For our 300th episode, Mike, Paul, and Nick sat down to talk about, well, comic books. IRCB interviews IRCB this week and with our biggest Discord crowd yet, Mike dug into the future of IRCB!

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This episode was recorded on October 3rd, 2021!

For our 300th episode, Mike, Paul, and Nick sat down to talk about, well, comic books. IRCB interviews IRCB this week and with our biggest Discord crowd yet, Mike dug into the future of IRCB!

This was a HUGE episode.

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Episode Transcription

First Half
Mike: This is the I read comic books podcast I am your host mike rapin joining me this week 2 cgi spartans at the battle of Thermopylae nick white.
Nick: Oh boy I don't even know where to go with that but welcome. Everyone.
Paul: Ah, hello humanoids so happy to be here today.
Mike: Um, and fall chasely. Ah I am very excited everyone I don't know if you know this this is episode 3 hundred the official episode 3 hundred of I read comic books I think the intro here may have hinted at something that's going to be coming later in the episode but today. Um, we are here to talk about Comic bookss as usual I mean 1 thing but 2 things I guess before I get started ah 1 our Discord book club is coming back october Twenty Third two p m eastern standard on discord we're going to be talking about Monstrous volume 1 so if you want to get in on that make sure you're on the discord come hang out with us. It's going to be great. Also want to shout out our latest patreon supporter and member of the irscb inner circle question mark more come on that shoutout to jules welcome. Thank you so much for joining the patreon um, but yeah, let's let's just get into this. You know this is episode 3 Hundred. It's a big deal. We're going to talk about everything that's coming down the line with I read comic books in the near future
Paul: Me know.
Mike: Later but you know what I think people are here for 1 reason and that's here to talk about Comic books. So I got to ask these legally mandated questions. How have you been? How have comic books been. Let's start with you paul.
Paul: Well mike I wasn't supposed to say anything. It's supposed to be a secret but I figured episode 3 hundred is a perfect time to make this exclusive announcement. You hear it first I'm going to be the next james bond a bit of surprise. Ah.
Mike: Oh.
Mike: Oh my God Finally the the reveal right here exclusive.
Nick: Ah, ah.
Paul: So yeah, you know I was surprised I didn't even audition but they wanted to take the franchise in different directions. So I'm pretty excited. So yeah, we'll see how that goes so.
Nick: Ah I mean they're they're always trying to push for like a lower profile actor that people go Well I can see this person as James Bond because it doesn't have that baggage of like oh I'm always seeing George Clooney or whatever. So I mean I guess maybe they decided to like.
Paul: Yeah, yeah.
Nick: Just go 1 step further than like oh you know this is kind of an unknown actor and just just ah yeah yeah.
Paul: Yeah I mean with with no acting experience and no interest in James Bond As a franchise I guess they they were tired of the you know the the fitted suit fitted suit look and they really want to go with the James Bond who wore skinny jeans and dinosaur Junior t-shirts and I really fit that. So yeah.
Mike: The perfect.
Mike: I Like that you know and just like just like a great Politician You know you never want to have someone who wants the role you instead want someone who refuses it and must take it up for the greater good. So Paul This is great I'm really happy for you man.
Nick: Um, yeah.
Paul: Yeah, yeah, I was so yeah, so in a couple years you know you'll see me on the big screen. Hopefully so um, there we go ah ah in all seriousness I've been doing well um I recently moved to a new apartment. Which meant I had to basically move all of my comics which is as you probably are familiar is very backbreaking and tedious and didn't give me a lot of time to actually read some comics but I wanted to take time to read some stuff to talk about today. So these are 2 things I read over the weekend before we recorded that I want to talk about first 1 is the Book. Le mano del destino which is an ogn from image came out but a month or 2 ago. It's pretty recent and it's written and drawn by an artist named jay gonzo and um, this book is set in 1960 s mexico city the in it chronicles the the wild world of lu chilibra. So of course is right at my right at my alley.
Mike: Hell yeah.
Paul: The titular character lemano del destino is a lucidor who was whose friends turned on him and unmasked him he was humiliated so he ends up making a fausting sort of deal bargain with the devil so to speak to get a new Persona a new mask and some. Basically like superpowers to get revenge on the evil ah Manager hefe and his stable of rudos. You know evil heel wrestlers lucidors um as the story goes on ah the lemano del destino becomes like a folk hero fighting for the honor of his people.
Mike: Ah, m.
Paul: Um, he gets a sort of mentor that helps him train and he fights through this stable of rudos in order to get his revenge and at the end he has to choose do I want a definitive revenge or am I willing to stand up for what's right? and do the right thing. Um, it's a really really well done. Story. I really enjoyed it obviously anything that combines comics and wrestling I'm going to enjoy anyway. But what I liked about this book in particular was gonzo's art style every aesthetic choice of this book is designed to emulate silver age or you know Mid -century mexican culture. So the architecture of the buildings.
Mike: Brave.
Paul: Clothes people wear the design of the costumes for the luciorss the coloring the way the pages are printed. They have that distressed look and every chapter of every chapter has like a cover um page basically and is's sort of designed to look like like a gold key comic. Not even Marvel or dc but like a silver age offbrand.
Nick: Oh sir.
Mike: Nice.
Paul: You know, sort of comic. The color palette is really beautiful. His line work reminds me of Michael cho familiar with his if you're familiar with his work where it's kirby influence without feeling like an homage directly. You know it's a thick dark line very silver age with a contemporary sort of feel and aesthetic.
Mike: Um.
Paul: And what's great is that when he does these sort of the luci libra sequences the wrestling scenes the draws them like superhero fights. They're super kinetic super action packed It doesn't look sort of stiff in stage like sometimes drawing action or sports can look on a comic book page.
Mike: Um.
Paul: And just I mean the whole story is sort of geared toward that and then at the end there's an interesting subtext about you know the the main character's history and the history of mexico as a country and the tendency for there to be strong armed dictators taking over that country or ruling parts of that of Latin america. So or central america so he um becomes a hero for the people and like there's interesting political subtext a part of that and what's great is at the end of the story gonzo does a very extensive background piece a long essay in the back of the book where he explains. Every aesthetic choice of the book and what it means to him and what it meant to portray a contemporary version of mexican culture that didn't feel like a throwback or didn't no 1 ne's wearing sombreros like there's nothing sort of stereotypical and it's a celebration of a very particular aesthetic in style in Mexican history and I really appreciate because of that it's 1 of those books that. I read digitally and want to go by and buy a copy of it just to see how it looks on the page and just revisit it because it it was a really really enjoyable read.
Mike: Yeah, it looked just from the cover. It looks beautiful I think yeah Paul you you sold me I think you've sold some other folks in the chat too. So like way to go.
Paul: Ah, yeah, okay, cool. Yeah, but.
Nick: This is definitely 1 of those things where like it feels like people are tapping into paul's brain in ways that are just too uncomfortably honed in like I know we talked about in the past that like gee paul's looking for this weird. Kirby book and then it magically appears in the shop and then I warned paul that maybe he was part of some bigger conspiracy and clearly people are now reading his thoughts I know paul you said you recently moved was the rate like really too good was it too uncomfortably good to believe like I'm just trying to build this. All.
Paul: Yes, yeah.
Mike: Um.
Paul: Yeah, oh so I mean I yeah.
Nick: Put this all together like do you have how how how big are the drapes like because they probably should be completely covering the windows.
Paul: What Yeah, what drapes? what drapes? Ah no, no it I don't want to get into it I did look into this place. So Nick you're actually making me suspect the cons the ah circumstances of my move so and you will ah ah oh.
Mike: Wow.
Mike: Ah, well before we make listen before before we get too deep into this. Ah Paul you read anything else. You want to talk about.
Nick: Ah, is Paul part of the department of truth. Yeah daddy it be.
Paul: But oh yeah, yes, yes, yes, this is but let's move on I read another ogn that came out recently is called onion skin. This was originally published. Um in Mexico I think last year and then tops shelf published the english translation earlier this year it's by an artist named edgar camacho. And he's a newer up-and-coming mexican comic book artist and this book is I think 1 of his first things he did. It's a story about a man who's a graphic designer by by trade. He's very tired of his job. He doesn't have ah his heart isn't into it and um. He ends up basically breaking his arm in a way to kind of stop working to avoid having to work and ah through a so series of circumstances. He ends up befriending a woman at a concert they decide to throw all caution to the wind and start a food truck and there is a lot of interesting background here of like. Maybe this was his destiny all along to start this food truck this woman he met he has dreams but maybe he met her before they have a deeper connection than he realizes um, their food truck is very successful. She has a special herb that she puts in all the food that people really enjoy. It's very unique and it gives their food a distinct taste and.
Mike: Um.
Mike: Me.
Paul: And along the way they end up falling afoul of another food truck a rival vendor who's protected by a biker gang and they have to fight off this Biker gang. So there's sort of a lot going on in this story. But what I really liked was Camacho's artwork it reminded me of Kevin cannon another cartoonist who does a sort of. Artwork that it sort of looks simple and cartoony on the surface. But it's very purposefully designed and drawn There's moments where there's an action scene and instead of it being an animman an amananapea sort of sound effect. It's a verb of what's happening with something that Kevin kenon does in a lot of his work.
Mike: F.
Paul: Um, and the color scheme into a lot of Earth tones very pleasing warm colors. It's a really lovely looking book I Guess my only complaint would be the resolution feels very quick like I feel like maybe there was something missing. You know I had to kind of go back and read like did I miss something there was ah there was a moment I missed. But.
Mike: E.
Paul: That's a very minor complaint in the large scale appeal of the book I think aesthetically it's very nice and again it's when I was reading think about these 2 books that I read wanted to talk about they. Both are examples of um you know hispanic artists or mexican artists who are trying to present something that doesn't feel.
Mike: Sure.
Paul: You know, stereotypically mexican like this book. It's a celebration of mexican food a mexican cuisine but it's set in Contemporary times and it doesn't lay into a lot of stereotypical you know, aesthetic designs. It feels unique, contemporary. Very modern, same thing with laymano del destino. It's a very distinct modern contemporary feel to the book.
Nick: Sure.
Mike: Um.
Paul: Both books really celebrate uniquely mexican cultural aspects food in Lucilibra in a very pleasing aesthetic style. So I didn't really even realize the connection until I was talking about them just now. But those are the 2 books I read. So yeah I guess there was ah a reason behind talking about both these today.
Mike: A. Yeah I mean they both sound amazing for sure.
Nick: And I know that you said obviously that it feels like the ending maybe was like unsatisfactory but is it is it really an indie comic book unless you feel like the last fifteen pages were torn out by someone else and ah.
Mike: Ah, wow.
Paul: Ah, ah yeah I mean yeah, that's a very particular aesthetic in experience of eds reading a lot of books. But no I think ah Komacho is a very good artist I'm very curious to see where his career goes I know this book when it came out in Mexico got a lot of praise is a big up andcoming artist there. So this is nice to see 1 of his books translated in english.
Mike: Um.
Paul: And again top shelf is as a big publisher for that So they they have a big outreach and a big spread and a big um a footprint so to speak so excited to see what he does in the future.
Mike: Yeah.
Mike: Yeah, well, ah, let's move on to Nick ah have you been? What Comic books are you going to tell us about that have perfectly understandable endings. Please.
Nick: Okay I Just want to say this up front all right because clearly clearly based on the chat where I'm really garnering some praise here. Um I'm okay with those endings I want those endings like the idea of like well what happens next like I'm okay with that.
Paul: Okay, Gotcha gotcha.
Mike: Ah, ah.
Nick: As someone who procrastinates and doesn't always get things exactly how I want them? Um, the idea that things don't get completed is perfectly fine by me. That's my own life. So now that everyone made it personal. Um, but ah yeah, so.
Mike: Ah, ah, okay.
Nick: Let's see west michigan weather watch ah rain lots of rain recently. Ah, super humid. It's been very weird. It's definitely like the first couple steps in to fall but not to a point where it's like the colors are changing and it's just sort of brisk. It's just that weird. Summer fall mishmash that we get in Michigan um, other than that ah you know it is football season michigan one michigan state 1 iowa 1 we won't talk about ah ohio state ah, and ah in terms of what I read. Um I know this is a book.
Mike: Um.
Nick: Quite a few people have probably read at this point. Um, so I know this isn't a hot take but guys ah reckless is really really good like this is the second time I've read it I'm I'm rereading it because I have the second volume on my plate and I said well I might as well at least just go reread the first. Um.
Mike: The.
Mike: Um, yeah.
Paul: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Nick: Really, really enjoy this book for those. Not aware who have been living under a rock that's probably under a largerized rock. Um, yeah, yeah, this is written by Ed brubaker drawn by sean phillips.
Mike: Sure in the comics world in the comics world.
Nick: Ah, with colors by ah baby phillips junior junior um, that's Jacob phillips that's sean's son this is the nickname I've chosen for him I mean.
Mike: You can't you can't give Jacob phillips john remita junior's nickname because it doesn't work j r j r only works because his name is John ramita nick nick.
Nick: Oh no baby Jacobs baby Jacobs Dinosaur Junior Junior Ah baby Jacob Phillips Stis or Junior Junior of.
Paul: That's right? ah.
Mike: Ah.
Paul: Love it.
Nick: I mean it's this isn't the problem right? They say that the only rule of nicknames is that you can't give yourself the nickname so as long as I'm giving the nickname. It's ok, um anyway, ah yeah, so I think most people kind of know the general aesthetic tone feel of Bru baker phillips works.
Mike: Okay, okay.
Nick: Typically Noir crime ah pretty grounded in reality although frequently most of them have a little nuanced twist. Um, whether that's um, ah fatal which I think you could argue is actually more ungrounded than not and ah.
Paul: Sure, Yeah, yeah.
Mike: Fatal's the only 1 Yeah, sure sure.
Nick: That's like super loopy. Yeah, but like Killer bekill criminal things like that. There's always something going on. Um, and I I would just I was when I was rereading it I was just really thinking about it and I think that this is really a really perfect gateway book to try to get people into comics. Who and I've I've had a couple people like this that I've tried to convince and they ah you know said I'm not really interested in comics and no 1 ne's ever heard of them again. But um for the people who did listen to me. Ah, it's just hyper grounded and so the people who are like I don't want capes I don't want superheroics.
Mike: Me.
Nick: I Don't want crazy powers. Um I just want something that reflects reality to which I say you know you're basic I guess but um, ah I just I Really really love this book.
Mike: Wow.
Nick: And I I think it might be my favorite work by these creators.
Paul: In in cloud.
Mike: Yeah I you know I can absolutely understand that this book is it is definitely them honing their craft to the most perfect that it's been I can't think of a book that has better delivered on a story on the artwork like I mean this this book is fantastic.
Nick: I mean pulp is tricky right? because they've put out 2 absolute fricking bagers within the last year year and a half and I think the obvious thing that really makes these 2 for me. The best is just the addition of Jacob phillips.
Paul: F.
Mike: Sure sure.
Paul: Sure yeah.
Mike: Next.
Nick: Ah, Jacob phillips j junior baby jacob ah are colorist. Um, honestly I prefer jacob over ah Brett weiser who was doing a lot of the coloring work for Bru baiker and phillips with their recent works.
Mike: Ah.
Nick: Obviously that's not happening anymore. We're not going to touch that topic I can only handle so much controversy in 1 day. Um, but honestly like I can't recommend this work enough. It's it's such a good noir and it's kind of like the inverse of a lot of noir that we see where everything is like. Dark alleys and you know all this shady stuff going on this is like all happening within this sort of sun bleached. You know everybody cover your eyes and don't look at the Sun l a where everything's just it's not that everything's sort of shrouded in darkness. It's that everything is just too bright in jacob.
Paul: Now.
Mike: Picture.
Paul: Yeah.
Nick: Philip's color palette for these books is just it's like bright pinks. It's bright purples. It's like really neon I love it I love it I love it if you're not getting in on this. You need to get in on this nick how are they putting out 3 ogns in a year I have no freaking clue.
Mike: Ah.
Paul: Yeah.
Mike: Yeah, they're very, they're very good.
Nick: How this they're very good.
Paul: They're very good. They're very good at what they do? ah well I want to say very quickly like what I like about this book in particular is that a lot of philips and Brubaker's other work is clearly homages to certain genres and this book in particular feels like he like.
Nick: Yes.
Paul: Brubaker wants to do this sort of pulp hero or like detective hero like like parker. You know if you've read the richard stark stuff but he's doing it in his own way like I'm not going to set it in the fifty s or sixty s it's going to be set in the eighty s it's going to be in this. You know brightly lit you know hollywood aesthetic.
Nick: Yeah.
Paul: It's going to have these particular markers. It's kind of going to be like the rockford files but not that much like the rockford Files like and it really feels like something that is they've absorbed all of their influences. The point when they do something like this. It feels wholly formed in their own even though you can see what influence them at the same time that make sense. Yeah.
Nick: Yeah, no I completely agree with that. Um, like most salient points that paul takes where he condenses my rambling for eight minutes and turns it into a thirty second sound clip that will probably get aired place of it. Um, ah.
Paul: Ah, that's all I'm here to do Nick we're to give you the the ah too long. Didn't read version. Yeah.
Nick: ah ah ah yeah please don't stop ah ah yeah I'll I'll briefly touch on this other book I actually read last night um called yojimb bot I read the first 2 issues. Ah, this is written and drawn by sylvanin.
Mike: Um, yes, ah ah, ah, anything else that you've been reading Nick though.
Nick: Repo I'm sorry your name is french and I probably just totally butchered it. Apologies. Um, at least I didn't pronounce the s at the end of your name. So um and colors by Nowari or noiri again. Sorry um, so obviously this title is a portmanteau of robot and rabbit. Um. Which we all know from reading usagiojimbo um, which which is weird because the main robot character nearly looks like or behaves like a rabbit. Um, so ah, false advertising. Ah I'm I'm just kidding Yojimbo means bodyguard. So ah.
Mike: I Don't know if a lot of people I don't know people might not know I'm just saying.
Nick: Sao jimbo meaning rabbit bodyguard so right? So it's a portmanteau of robot and bodyguard makes a lot more sense. This is reppo's first graphic novel came out this year it was originally released in France by do guard comics. An ogn and then imported into english via europe comics who also knew that americans wouldn't know what to do with the work unless it was split into 3 segments of 50 pages apiece ah because we don't know how to handle that otherwise so they split it into 3 issues. Um, they're all currently on sale.
Mike: Ah.
Nick: On comicsology right now. So if you're interested get in on this. Ah the book sort of kicks off with that typical energetic fight you you normally see you've got these 2 robots dressed like wandering swordsmen from Japan during the feudal era. Um. And 1 of them even has that big round straw hat that covers his eyes so you you know you got that sort of menacing you know what's this guy up to sort of look like is there rain pouring down. Yeah is there a pagoda in the background as lightning strikes and they cross swords yes, absolutely and like the.
Mike: Me.
Nick: As it slowly starts to veer way too much towards like is this too much wish fulfillment right? Like am I getting everything I think would be super cool all at once. Um, the book sort of has a twist and shows that there's maybe some substance in addition to all of the massive amount of style. That you're getting frontloaded into this book and you sort of follow this robot named mobile mobile unit sixty 3 and also this young child named hero who's trying to escape with his dad from some place called the base. It's in like near future Japan. But these people are hunting them. And we know that Hero's dad was like a scientist but we don't know what he was working on. Um and they're trying to bring them back to the base and this robot um protects them and the dad dies. Um, which ah you know let it be said if you're a parental figure and like a surrogate robot parental figure. Comes into the scene like get out of there. You're going to end up dead. It's not looking good for you. Um, and so yeah, this ah robot kind of and becomes this parental figure to this kid and is going to try to help reunite him with these other people. Ah. I mean the beginning is more I'd say tried and true than cliche I think it works what helps is just at the color palette for this book for like a post-apocalyptic story. The color palette's amazing. It's bright. It's energetic. The panel work is great. The robot designs are fantastic. Um. And a lot of the book is largely silent because the Robot doesn't talk and when I told all of this to mike he said. Okay so this book is basically wally and I said yes, it's wally if wally also managed to bisect someone vertically with a sword halfway through the book. Um, so if that sounds appealing.
Mike: M.
Mike: Ah I mean that that did that not happen in the version of wally that you guys watched. Yeah.
Nick: I didn't look the blue ray was 7 extra dollars and I just said I'm not going there. So if that was there I I missed it. Ah.
Paul: That's the director's cut. No.
Mike: People are very upset the chat that we're talking about wally killing people. Um any any last thoughts I Well, that's the thing.
Paul: Ah know I would have probably seen it if that had been the case. So.
Nick: Look if you ask someone to take out the trash for how many decades in a row. They're gonna they're gonna lose it at some point. It's just natural.
Mike: Ah, um, yeah, any any last thoughts on this book Nick I'm I before I can I could talk about books I've been reading.
Nick: No I I had a lot of fun with this. It was a real diamond in the rough I know 2 people on Discord have already bought copies. So um, that person whose's french name I butchered I do expect like a ten percent cut ah for the finders fee. Um.
Mike: No boy all right? ah.
Paul: Ah, ok, they're ok.
Nick: And ah mike what have you read? Um, how ah have comic books been on this ah 3 hundredth episode and maybe my last if we keep this up.
Mike: Yeah nick ah, you're really pushing it. Ah so this week I mean I've been super busy I don't know if you guys have been listening to all the the interviews that we've been doing but I've been just stacking up interviews nonstop and trying to. You know a bunch of really cool stuff in for the future of the show like future episodes way into like late october and november and stuff um and planning out stuff that we're gonna do for this episode. We've got a really cool interview segment. That's gonna take place after the break we're gonna do some talking between the 3 of us here. But then there's a really cool edited thing that xander's putting together. It is. It's it's gonna be absolutely fantastic. Um, but for me I've I've also been reading comics I've managed to read a couple of things that are pretty good. 1 of which which is the t dragon society this is by K o'neill I don't know if I need to say anything else about this other than it is probably 1 of the nicest comics I've read in a long time. I think everybody else who's read and talked about this on the show ah has said that they loved it. I absolutely fell hell at head over heels in love with just the cuteness and the really wonderful character development that happens in this book. Um, the world that this story takes place in makes me want to play a really like. Laid back chill d and d game where you're kind of just doing nice things for your neighbors and make that into the game. But anyways I really liked it. Not much else to say other than that I think everybody should read this Book. It's a perfect all ages story that um creates it has a very diverse set of create characters and a really interesting story. Altogether a beautiful little world. Um, highly recommend that 1 the other book I'll say really quick is I read inferno number 1 I think this is my pick last week this is hickman valero skity david curio on colors joe sabino all I can say is that I want the drama the the amen drama that is here this idea of. Mystique asking the question. Why can't you resurrect the person that I love um, being the biggest question I think that the x-men have posed so far like there have been a lot of really crazy things that's been happening since the Jonathan hickman era with the dawn of x and. This this question of mystique saying hey where is destiny. Where is my my wife um and the reason she hasn't been brought back is spoilers I mean for those of you who have read house of x powers of x she's a precog and that kind of messes with the overall hoxpox dawn of x world for reasons that you need to read the comics to kind of get.
Nick: My wife.
Paul: A.
Mike: Um, but it's ah it's a really interesting thing and mystique being mystique who kind of like fuck you you're going to tell me I'm going to put a gun in your mouth. Um, it makes inferno number 1 really interesting I'll just say that infertal number 1 fantastic little book. Yeah cinco I'm in intentionally ignoring nick right now.
Nick: Ah, can I ask you is it is it powers of x because I've heard that the real fans say powers of 10
Mike: Um, so.
Paul: These powers of 10
Mike: It's it's powers of 10 I refuse to say I I fucking refuse to say it. It's p o x like powers of x just it's fine I don't care all the x-men fans they're gonna come after me for this. Ah, they're not listening to the show. They've already given up. But if they listened to this episode I feel really bad. Um, anyways, the last book I do want to talk about ah cino is technically it's powers of Dse ah get out of here. Today the last book I want to talk about is which had a tillier volume 8 this is eisner award-winning harvey award-winning witch had it tillier probably my favorite manga series that's being published period um, this is kamami shirahama this book's beautiful. Fantastic It's cute. It's got a really interesting world. The art is so unbelievably spectacular I don't know what else to say about this book other than if you haven't read it. Um I highly recommend just trying volume 1 I think Shirahama's art will sell you and I think the really interesting unique world that she creates for this book will keep you wanting to read. Um, the basic idea being that a young girl she finds a spellbook. She's given a spellbook by a strange person in ah in a hat at a festival and she tries to perform magic and in doing so she actually so petrifis her she accidentally petrfis her mom.
Nick: And their house.
Mike: Um, another witch and their house all right? Nick all right? Nick ah and ah, another witch shows up and says hey um, normally we would wipe your memory. But I think there's something special here and he brings her under his wing and takes him takes her back to his attilie to teach her to become a witch and she learns all about the intricate world of Magic. And this book has continued to be be amazing volume 8 in particular had moments where I don't think that Shirohamma needed to go as fucking hard as she did. Um, there are pages where they're just talking about like basic things and in the background there are just these. Full page or third page or half page just spreads a very intricate detailed art and I know that she's done this in other vines but I felt it particularly hard in this 1 um that she was just going all out with. Every piece of art every time she had the opportunity to do something intricate for a metaphor or to just show something off. She did. And yeah, this is the best volume met next volume comes out in June and I cannot fucking wait. Ah yeah, that's that's all I got to say about that if I haven't convinced you.
Nick: I Mean it's It's a beautiful book. It's a beat you know? Yeah I'm making all sorts of inroads.
Mike: There's no hope for you yet. I forgot that you picked that 1 up I Yeah I'm happy I'm happy that you are um, well ah, speaking of inroads. Let's talk about Comic books that are coming out very soon or you're very excited for to read? Whatever is next on the top of your pile.
Paul: Sentence said.
Mike: Let's dig right into it. So ah Paul Why don't you start us off.
Paul: Mike I'm excited to read defenders number 3 I'm really really enjoying this new defender series I like weird Marvel and I feel like al ewing has done a great job highlighting weird Marvel in this book. He's teaming with the artist javier rodriguez this is 1 of the best looking superhero books I've read in a long time.
Nick: Suspicious.
Paul: Um, and I like this story I like the team put together. But really, it's rodriguez's artwork. It's like psychedelic super heroics. You know what? I mean it's like out there and cosmic but not copying the kirby cosmic or the is Stalin cosmic. It's it's it's its own thing and I really appreciate it because of that. Um. So if you don't know with who the defenders are in this particular iteration. Dr strange has to put together a ragtag team of heroes including the silver surfer the masked rider I Sorry master raider betty banner cloud and galactus' Mom. Um, as the team exactly.
Mike: Ah, what? what.
Nick: Who's cloud.
Paul: Yeah I bet's a character I didn't recognize so there's a again I'm not too Marvel ah well read. No, it's a mike can explain it off al fair later. So um um anyway um they have to chase down a rogue scientist who traveled backwards through time.
Nick: Does He have a big sword.
Mike: Nick.
Paul: And in doing so they cross to the previous versions of reality since I guess the 6 1 6 marveling universe is in the eighth ah reality and they're going back into the the previous ones where everything's different last issue they ran into an infant who will 1 day grow up to be galactus. Which you know is that whole question of would you kill hitler would you kill baby galactus um, you know so Silver server wrestles with that. That's what they meet Lax's mom who speaks in kirby-esque. It's amazing like the dialogue she has she has is all exclamation points all over the top. It's it's the dialogue from a kirby comic.
Mike: Oh.
Mike: Amazing.
Paul: That she speaks in which I loved um and that's what we like about this comic. It's it's a book that celebrates particular silver rage aspects the artwork and the story feels like a mashup of kirby and ditko but without feeling like Arita homage like it's unique in its own way. And it really is 1 of the funniest books ewing's done for Marvelvo ewing is a very fun and funny writer but a myrtle hulk wasn't very funny. A lot of the time you know what I mean but exactly ah this book is super fun. It's super funny I mean it's 1 of those books that i.
Mike: Um, ah yeah, didn't didn't really have an opportunity to be so.
Nick: Ah.
Paul: There's a lot of double page spreads or page layouts where I'll just like stare at the pages just like 5 or ten minutes like this is beautiful and this is something you can only do on a com bookss page. You know I really was 1 of these books I was reading and thinking. There's no way could turn this into a movie it. It is a comic book and it's celebrating the comic bookiness of itself.
Mike: Yeah.
Paul: So I'm excited to see where ah where ewing and Rodriguez take it from here.
Nick: Paul Paul was like there's no way this could be turned into a movie and then he just slammed the issue shut and said and then what is the point and threw it against the wall.
Paul: What's the point. Ah.
Mike: Ah, you know jaer rodriguez is are is always spectacular to me, especially like his exiles run that he did with saladin aed was absolutely beautiful and ah yeah, your the way you've been talking about this book recently I feel like I gotta grab it I'm probably going to wait Tilll it's all out.
Paul: Yeah, yeah.
Mike: Maybe I'll grab it as a trade. But um, yeah, this sounds like right up my alley for just kind of fun 1 and done style stories especially with the weirdness factor this this sounds really cool.
Paul: Yeah, they definitely. Ah I think it's a limited series I think it's only like 5 or 6 issues like it's a mini series. So once it's all collected. It's's gonna be something you're gonna want to track down for sure.
Nick: Paul How many arcs do you think oh sorry God paul.
Mike: Yeah, yeah, absolutely absolutely Nick What about you? What's ah on the top of your pile.
Nick: Yeah, so for me, there's really nothing that interesting coming out this week um it looked like it was a really really light week um I don't know if it's 1 of those weird like are there typically when there's like 5 wednesdays in a month then it sort of happens. So I'm not sure if that's. Case I didn't sit down and do the math on it. But um, so for me, there's kind of 2 things on my personal reading horizon that I'm pretty excited for obviously I already mentioned 1 which is reckless friend of the devil and um beyond that I don't know if the solicit still holds true. But I believe the third. Installment is actually slated to come out in October. Um, the solicit for friend of the devil at least at least at that point when that solicit was written said that the third one was coming out in October. So I mean there's even more on the horizon.
Mike: And.
Nick: If ah if that deadline Holds True Danny says it does. So um, we'll hold him to that then ah.
Mike: Yep, yeah, they did it just for my birthday and I really appreciate brew baker and phillips looking out for me this month that's all
Nick: Yeah, so ah, very excited for that still like I want to know like have they just been working on this for years. Um, did ah you know the you know pandemic for all of the terrible terrible things it did like did it allow them to really like.
Mike: Um.
Nick: Double down on this I don't know it's just ah like this is like Matt kent charles soul levels of of ah just churning out stuff. So I'm I'm very impressed because obviously the quality is just so high. So.
Mike: Um, yeah.
Nick: Very pumped for that the other kind of weird oddity that I just haven't gotten around to reading but it is next on the list for me is the final issue of the silver coin also from image comics for those unaware this is a series. Um, that has been sort of an anthology. Ah where it's. Ah, 1 artist and then a rotating stable of writers with Michael walsh doing all of the art. Um, and then writers such as let's see I think jeff lemire kelly thompson um ed brisson I think did another did 1 of them and.
Mike: Um.
Paul: Yeah, yeah.
Mike: Um.
Nick: Up to this point I've just been pretty unimpressed with this I like so much talent. But I I just haven't I don't know if the format is flawed I don't think it is I think it's neat.
Mike: Yeah, yeah.
Nick: To have like sort of a stationary artist and rotating writers because normally I feel like normally you get the reverse where it's like hi guys I'm the writer. This is my Magnum Opus and we're gonna rotate some artists through or something like that. Um, and again I don't want to say this is like a flawed idea but I just.
Mike: Ah.
Nick: I've been pretty underwhelmed by this.. The fifth issue is supposed to divulge the origins of this cursed coin which we see in all of these different eras with all of these different protagonists. Um, you know this has gone into the Far-flung future. This final issue was supposed to go into the past. Um, for those who aren't aware. It's yourretypical like oh I got my hands on the coin and like you know I really want to make this wish happen or I really wish X would happen and then of course the coin grants the wish but with you know some warped or twisted you know.
Mike: It's leprechaun. It's leprechaun logic. Yeah, the movie The movie series leprechaun just I just want to be clear the movie series.
Nick: Be careful what you wish for? Yeah yeah, yeah, so I'm hoping that just leprechauns in general Mike Just really has it out for just leprechauns at large. Um, but I hope this ties it together I Hope this gets better because I've heard that I think.
Paul: Yeah, yeah, yeah, but.
Mike: Yes, yes.
Nick: Part way through releasing the single issues that this series got greenlit to go to ongoing So um, gosh I mean yeah fingers crossed. Ah.
Mike: Yeah.
Paul: Yeah I I will say I've enjoyed this series overall but I can see all of your criticisms I think it might have worked better as oversized issues because just the standalone stories themselves have been a little felt little flat. You know what? I mean they.
Nick: They feel rushed.
Mike: Except for za darsky story which is perfect I don't understand how you fucking nail number 1 and the rest of them just feel like super flat after that.
Paul: That that's a good point that was my favorite issue. It was about the musician the musician. Yeah yeah, that was really good I think that I think the thing is that they're all supposed to function as standalone 20 page stories. But.
Nick: I don't even remember what was Zadar ski's who got the coin. Oh yeah, yeah, that was fine.
Mike: He had that is the cool guitar 1 Yeah yeah.
Paul: They don't always have a satisfying conclusion in those twenty pages so I just wonder if reading this in a collection would be more satisfying than need reading it months to month and I and again I have enjoyed it as standalone stories but I can see all of your criticisms that you're saying so I don't know.
Mike: Yeah, maybe.
Nick: I mean I feel like we we so rarely get anthology format at this point that it's like I don't want to come down on this book too hard because like.
Mike: Yeah, well I don't want to we we've we've spent a lot of time I do I do want to talk about this because I I really have a lot of thoughts about silvercoin. Um, but ah.
Paul: Yeah now.
Nick: Um, yeah. Sure.
Mike: Nick you'll have to read the last issue and then you have to let us know after you finish it how you how you feel about the series. Overall how about that.
Nick: Well let let me ask you this. Do you think the fifth issue right? You know, no.
Mike: No I'll just say that whatever question you were going to ask I'm confident that the answer is no because I read it and I have lot of thoughts about that. But I'm going to just blank it. No and you get back to me once you finish? um.
Paul: Ah, yeah, seemed yeah I agree.
Nick: Um, okay, all right.
Mike: Really quick. Ah so Discord so we have so many people on discord today. So I can't even but begin to thank you all. You're all fantastic I love all of you. Ah, we have a bunch of picks what people what's on the top of everybody's pile from the Discord kara is going to be.
Paul: Yeah.
Mike: Is very excited for elsa chart and pietric colonna's intober ogn which is happening right now on kickstarter this isn't like a plug just you should go back that Ela is amazing. Um, Cincho's excited for to read immortal hulk number forty through forty nine danny's gonna be reading. Are you afraid of dark side number 1 xander's rereading all of Die. So am I high 5 didn't know that that was happening but I'm glad that's happening for both of us kyle is reading catching up on Kaju number 8 and Stephanie is jumping into which had a tillier stephanie I'm so so happy for you if I missed anybody I apologize let me know, but my my. Pick for this week I guess the book that's on the top of my pile that I'm going to be reading that's coming out this Tuesday because it's the dc book this is soul plumber number 1 written by Marcus parks henry zirowski and Ben kissel the guys who make the last podcast on the left podcast I'm excited because this sounds goofy and I like to support those guys because I have no soul. For the most part because their show is insane the art in this book is done by John mccrae and I don't or maybe mccrea I don't know how to say his name. Um, he is stew fucking pendis holy shit google this guy um his art is in insane I don't know much about what the series is going to be other than it's about like exorcism and satan.
Paul: Um, Wow Yeah yep, that's good stuff.
Nick: He he's great.
Mike: And some sewer dwelling Mischief and John mccraa is going to be drawing all of it and I mean listeners the last podcast on the left are probably going to be picking this up and I'm guessing it's going to be fun but I'm biased as I'm someone who listens to their show and really enjoys their very dark sense of humor up.
Paul: This thing.
Nick: This isn't about mario.
Mike: Strangely enough. No that would star chris pratt actually anyways John mcraa though on art is wild because if you look up this guy's stuff. It's bonkers. It's really like surreal stuff that's mixed with hyper realistic art and it kind of reminds me of.
Paul: That's right.
Mike: Strangely enough brian and I read this lobo comic for like a holiday special that we did this past year and it reminds me a lot of that where there's like this really highly detailed, realistic look mixed with absolute insane like I can't surrealist like picturesque shit. We're like you're not sure if that's a shape of a person or if it's just a wall.
Paul: And yeah.
Mike: Um, really crazy stuff. It reminds you of like Ninety s comics or like Mad magazine. Um, and yeah, that's ah, but yeah I'm excited for that. Looks it looks like it's going to be really cool and we'll see how it goes it's 6 issue mini series. So let's let's try it. Why not? yeah it.
Paul: Sounds good and I didn't didn't know anything about this but you've piqued my interest Michael once again. once again
Nick: Yeah.
Mike: I Mean it's coming out from Dc So like I figured there's got to be like I don't know something a little bit more special than just like some random podcasters are making a thing. It's like this is this feels a little bit bigger and supposedly soul plumber is like a character that they plucked out of like Dc history past.
Paul: Now.
Paul: So strange Ah gotcha. Oh check it out.
Mike: So like this isn't like an original creation I think they're just adding their own spin to it. Um, yeah, well, you know we're going to take a quick break when we come back, we're going to be talking about the future of irscp after episode 3 Hundred. We're making some changes ah changes to patreon changes to. Just the show in general nothing that should should ruffle too many feathers but I figured let's talk about it a little bit and then we also have a really cool interview thing that we did with everybody on the show just about comics and their thoughts of asking the question. Why are comics good and. I really enjoyed recording it with everyone I can't wait to listen to it cause I haven't listened to it yet. It's gonna be great. Um, but anyways, we're gonna take a quick break and we'll be back in a second!

Second Half

Mike: This week on I read comic books. You know we're we don't really have a focus for the episode because it's episode 3 hundred I'm here with my 2 my 2 oldest compatriots on the show. My writer dies. You would say ah nick and paul ah, you guys have been in with the show. Pretty much since the beginning with the exception of xander who's in the chat today. Ah I guess you know episode 3 hundred I I think I've alluded to the fact that like the show's gonna end after 3 hundred I don't know what's gonna happen but episode 3 Hundred. It's kind of a big deal. Um. And I don't know I wanted to get your guys' thoughts about it I do want to say just a real quick for anyone at home who's like actually calculating stats and stuff we have like 4 hundred and 14 plus episodes actually in our history of the show if you include this is not an interview in minisodes I think we're up to minisode Fifty. Um. The first six episodes of saga of saga which is on patreon our bonus interviews candy bar antler boy um, so many other things in the main feed. But as far as official episodes are concerned. Um, yeah this episode 3 hundred and yeah I don't know we've got a bunch of new stuff coming down the line but I don't know Nick paul how are you guys feeling.
Paul: M.
Nick: So but basically you're you're saying that this is like when the year 2000 was right on the horizon and all of those nerds showed up and they're like well actually it's not really the year 2000 but I guess we'll just let you have it like I think that that's.
Mike: About 3 hundred episodes.
Mike: Yes.
Mike: Right? I mean there was the intentional erasure of 200 episodes in the middle there that I'm just not talking about. Ah.
Nick: That would be that that that would be perfect just start gaslighting people. They're like where are episodes fifty 6 to sixty 3 and you're like I don't know what you're talking about.
Paul: Ha ha.
Mike: Well I should say that if you are looking for those o episodes I think before episode 100 or so they're just not in the feed anymore because apple and most podcast companies like don't so they don't surface more than 3 hundred episodes in a feed. So I apologize if you're out there trying to find those episodes hit me up I'll send them to you.
Paul: Tyroid Didn didn't exist down.
Paul: Sure.
Mike: If you want I'm Dm me but ah yeah Paul I don't know what are your thoughts Nick got his smart me talking so like go ahead. What what do you think.
Paul: I mean I make I'm excited for the hard reboot I'm excited for the hard reboot That's going to happen when you recast all of us and pretend nothing happened I was oh sorry. Ah, um, no, you know.
Nick: Yeah, next on.
Mike: Whoa Whoa spoilers.
Nick: Paul and I just go up the stairs at the end of the last season and no 1 ever sees us you know.
Paul: We know to buy a peck of smokes and just never came back so ah, um, ah, um, no at all seriousness. Ah I fondly remember going to your basement mike the 3 of us sitting around a little table recording the the show. Not sure what the show is going to be or what it should be.
Mike: Ah, right right.
Mike: Ah, yeah.
Paul: And then now here we are 3 hundred episodes later or give or take with a bunch of friends in the chat and I say friends instead of listeners. We have a bunch of people here who love the show and love talking about comics and I think that's what we realize what the show should be and that's just people talking about things. They love about comic books and I'm glad that.
Mike: Yeah.
Paul: It's become this over time. It's kind of hard to believe and it wasn't until I started doing this and talking to you all today that I really? ah the weight of it all kind of hit me. So yeah, there you go.
Mike: Yeah, yeah, no I appreciate that I mean ah it's it's weird thinking about like I I think the last year and a half you know, especially since we've been indoors for a long time. Um I've really been trying to reflect back on like all the good things in life.
Paul: Ah, yeah.
Mike: And trying to you know focus on that in terms of you know instead of all the other horrible shit that's happening and thinking about this show being like a consistent good thing that stresses me out and makes me frustrated and tired and I have to spend so much fucking time on it and I get so mad at myself like thinking I'm wasting my time. And it's like it's not that's not it at all like I'm not wasting my time every week I feel super accomplished I do something every single week with you guys and it's it's spectacular and I'm proud of it and every single time we put out episodes I I walk away from them and I'm always happy like I can't think of an episode where I was genuinely upset. And even listening to episodes that I'm not on I'm just like god damn we've got a fucking amazing group of people here. Um, and yeah I mean 6 years that's fuck it. That's a long time to be doing anything you know.
Paul: On time in yeah I mean it's a testament to your commitment in Xander's commitment that the show comes out every week you know all I have to do is read comics and talk about every once in a while all the work that you guys do behind the scenes is very very impressive and should not go unmentioned or unrecognized. So.
Mike: Ah, yeah, yeah, yeah, well I mean I don't know we we we did like a reflection of this kind of stuff I think back in the annual earlier this year so I don't necessarily want to sit here and be like look at all that we've done um, but at the same time you know it's it's it's interesting because I think.
Paul: And.
Nick: The um.
Mike: The show has evolved and changed in ways that are for the better for the worse and we've we've really honed in well no I I say you know we've tried things and it didn't work I Mean do you guys remember when we covered news. Do you guys remember when we had to scour Reddit for things and we were like what the fuck is this.
Paul: For the worse. Wow Wow Yeah, okay yeah I do yeah.
Nick: For the way out. Wow. Okay.
Nick: Trying to trying to dredge up any sort of artificial controversy. We could you know.
Mike: Those episodes are hidden behind well, that's what I'm saying and like you know we pulled up stuff and I'm glad those episodes are Buried. You can't find them like right now they're they're behind if you dm me for an episode that's got news in it. It's questionable and whether or not you're going to get it. Ah, but. But still like you know we've we've done some stuff that like did work and didn't work and like it's fine and ultimately we've you know, found what works best for the show and that's like 1 of the things xander and I have spent a lot of time talking about over the last like 6 7 8 weeks as I've been.
Paul: Yeah, yeah.
Mike: Staring down the barrel of episode 3 hundred looks like a shotgun guys put all put the imagery together. It's 2 zeros um, I've been thinking about what are we going to do after 3 hundred is the show going to change. Are we going to just keep doing the same thing and does that work is that exciting for everybody does anybody want to sit down and just talk. Comics every week is that interesting to everybody on the show and like by and large I think the episode or the the answer is yeah you know we we do want to talk about Comics. We do want to do kind of the same thing but with a little bit of I guess more flexibility I think the what's really funny about the show and this is me you guys I appreciate this therapy session today. But um, the thing that. I've been thinking a lot about it is like you know the rigidity of the show is what kept it going for so long of just like this is what we do. We record it this time on this day. You know we used to record it 3 now we record it 1 and you know this show is going to be this It's going to be broken up like this.
Paul: I mean.
Mike: You know I think that kept us got us all into these these habits that worked really well to make sure that we showed up with something to say and what we knew what to talk about and I think with with rare exception. It worked and it has been working and I think that's what's brought everybody to um, like continue to listen to the show and now like moving past episode 3 Hundred. Um. A lot of what I'm thinking of is I want to be a little bit looser with things like obviously the first half of the show today went really long. Um I don't see anything wrong with that I'm glad that we got to have the conversation that we did um and you know some episodes I think moving forward are going to have focus topics. Some of them aren't and in that case, they're going to be a little bit shorter and maybe they're going to have. Or or we talk for maybe twenty minutes or ten minutes and that's like the end of the show. Um I just want to make sure that everybody shows up. We don't try to drag the show out to try to meet some deadline. We. Don't try to I don't know force us to try to make conversation when there isn't any and yeah and so you know 1 of the big things is you know we're kind of changing topic.
Paul: Sure yeah.
Nick: Shoehorn things. Yum.
Mike: Formats and how we're focusing on the second quote unquote second half of our show and yeah, just to be more geared towards what people want to talk about you know like things that are here's a topic. Someone is really excited about let's make that into an episode keep that energy and so on and so forth I don't know I'm kind of rambling here but like.
Paul: No I and I think any.
Mike: We're doing a lot and I'm I'm really excited about it. That's what I'm trying to say.
Nick: and and I think anybody who's listened to the show for any amount of time has probably noticed that we have you know made efforts to really ah reformat and change the show over the years and I don't think that there's. You know, anything wrong with that if people like the current format that we're at like we we we didn't get there overnight like there were definitely changes and modifications ah to to arrive at this point and I think um. The fact that we're just continuing to evolve and and grow I think that that's a real ah credit to um, you know mike and zer because I know you know peak right? But I know that you know peak peak behind the curtain like I know that you know little peek behind the curtain and I know you and xander have these discussions like.
Mike: That's a credit to all of us though like I Really like you guys put a lot of.
Nick: All the time you're always sort of thinking about like how can we change? How can we grow? what's working What's not working and I think that's a real you know and and it's a testament to everyone else for being so receptive and and and and willing to go along with it and um, you know make a real effort to. To bring those changes to bear because there are plenty of shows. We're not going to name them and obviously not just comic book oriented but just podcasts in general we're at a certain point you know things just go on autopilot or they're too scared to change things because they know that there is a baked in audience for., Whatever the current format is even if there's no growth there and so um and I think full credit to everyone I I think people make it look easy I think I think people make it look really easy for things to change and grow and and evolve.
Mike: Sure.
Mike: Yeah, well I mean yeah yeah I mean I the thing that I've been i' been thinking of a lot about is like you know a lot longed for a long time when we're working on the show like our biggest thing is like why do I get more people to listen and like the question that I keep coming back to I think Xander just kind of.
Paul: Yeah, for sure.
Nick: And it's it's hard work.
Mike: Point Blank asked me this like we've been doing like regular just chats about this kind of stuff. He's like well what's the goal right? Like what are we trying to do and I mean I was I kind of blanked and I was like well we want more people to listen to the show we want and it's like but why.
Paul: Yes, thank you.
Mike: And I couldn't really come up with a solid answer and I'm like well we have a lot of listeners. We have a lot of really fantastic human beings that listen to this show and we interact with them a lot on Discord or on Twitter or whatever right? you get emails people pass the name of our show along. It's it's fantastic and so like a lot of the things that I'm focusing on post. 3 hundred and talking with you guys and trying to plan out. Our episodes is just like I want to do whatever we can to enrich the the listeners' lives here right? Everybody that's listen to the show that that wants to hang out with us and be a part of our little community like let's just do stuff for everybody that's here and if you want to come join the club work welcoming everybody with open arms but like. Big thing isn't necessarily like we need to make the most generic episode ever to bring in the most new listeners. It's like nah like like let's just do stuff that like we really want to do and we're confident so far with the people that have stuck around that they're gonna like it too on and maybe this is me being blanket but like I'm also thinking about like.
Paul: Now now. Yeah.
Mike: Anybody I want anybody who listens to this show to send us ideas. What do you want us to talk about um and we're changing our patreon to kind of be a little bit more oriented towards that. But and I'll talk about that later, but you know like if you send us ah send us a dm send us an email and we end up running with 1 of your ideas like I'll send you a free t-shirt. Um, and we'll credit you on the show and say like hey so ands so send us this email. They want us talk about this today. That's what we're gonna do um.
Nick: And like true comic book contributions. That's pretty much all you're get, you'll get and if we develop it into a movie. Maybe we'll feel pressured to put your name at the end of credits but that's pretty much as far as it will go.
Mike: Ah, yeah, we'll give you yeah special thing I mean like I don't know it's not like yeah yeah, but we do I Obviously obviously I don't want to just steal someone's idea and just run with it or whatever but I do want to like.
Paul: Yeah, it's a special thanks and that's it. So yeah, yeah.
Mike: Want more you know engagement if that if that's what it you know I want to engage with the people that are listening to our show and so like that's what I mean and this feels like I don't know now I feel really weird about talking about this all this directly. But I'm trying to be like as transparent about like what we're doing moving forward because like we've been doing a lot of stuff on the main feed.
Paul: Yeah, yeah.
Mike: To try to loosen things up, you may have noticed that over the last couple weeks I don't know if anybody listened to last week's episode but it was a riot. Um, if you want more kermit impressions ah support us on patreon I'll help you out with that. Ah.
Nick: The new Patreon The new highest Patreon tier is just literally handing out Paul's phone number.
Paul: Oh no, well that James Bond money comes rolling in guys I might have to ah make myself scarce. So ah, that.
Mike: Um, yes, um, but yes.
Nick: Ah, a.
Mike: Um, yeah, yeah I can't wait. Um, you know we'll make it. We'll make a fun little James Bond t-shirt. Ah you know name's Paul Names Bond Paul Bond Someone someone said that in that I know I'm just kidding. Um, yeah.
Paul: Ah, please don't God Please don't do that? Um I you know Mike what I like about this whole you know this the the choice we're making to kind of shake things up I think it it feels like you keep saying that it's like we're changing things. But really I think we're just underlining the stuff that already works in the show like.
Mike: Yeah, yeah.
Paul: I think right very early on. We realized what we like to do we just talk about comics without like to have a theme or something but the most fun of the episodes I was talking about comics and then once we start doing the Discord interacting with with whistlers and friends. There was like that's what people like so if we can kind of make the show.
Mike: M.
Paul: Focused on just celebrating what we love about comics and talking about them in an open-ended way. That's what people want to hear and I think that's what gets people excited to do it when you have when it it doesn't feel like a chore to come talk about stuff on the show. You know like I was I had I want to make sure I read something interesting to talk about on the show for today's episode
Mike: Um, yeah.
Paul: And those books that I read I was like when I was reading it was like oh yeah I can't wait to mention this or want to tell Mike and Nick about this particular thing I think it is interesting So it's actually changed the way I read comics and I think maybe that's the what we kind of want to make happen for listeners in the future too is like get people excited to talk about comics and get people excited to read comics because that's what we're here to do That's what the show's named.
Mike: Um, yeah, yeah, yeah, you you definitely you've you've summed up everything that I've been rambling about perfectly I think like you know like the the lean in. Yeah.
Paul: What it is named you know so that that's what we're doing so.
Nick: This is this was.
Paul: Um, again, that's why I'm here. Yeah.
Mike: I Mean the the lean in that we're trying to make here is like again just doubling down on what we what we really like about the show and so like when I say we're making big changes like the changes are just like us in trying to enjoy the show more um and try to make it as as. As easy as possible to show up to to talk about stuff that they love and you know people we all have our own interests and we all have very differing interests and that's why we have the cast that we have and like you know whether we expand it or whatever in the future like um, you know I want to make sure that we're you know everyone at the table has like ah. Is excited about something and that when they come to the show. It's not a chore to like talk about a specific topic you know or talk about whatever we're going to talk about um because I know that like my my at the end of the day I think I said this before we started recording I've been saying this to design is like I know every single person on the show can talk about comics eloquently and in a way that I find extremely.
Paul: Yeah, even.
Nick: Okay.
Mike: Interesting, um, and that's why you're on the show. That's why everyone's on the show and I love that about everybody here and I love that about the people we get to come on the show as guests and and stuff like I just like the end of the day. Why did I start the show in the first place I just want to talk to people about comic books. But I hate talking to people about comic books and.
Paul: Yeah, yeah.
Paul: Um, yeah.
Mike: We we figured out a way for me to get over my anxiety in order to make that happen and you know here we are 6 years later and we're doing it and I fucking love it and I look forward to it every single week so we're just trying look again just doubling down on that thing that makes this show amazing. And yeah.
Paul: Yeah.
Paul: Yeah I you know was singing about you know're reflecting on 3 hundred episodes I know these are things again you mentioned we talked about in our annual early this year but you know things we've accomplished on the show I think being able to do interviews with creators is a very important part of the show and something I hope we do more of and I think we will do more of but what I like is when we've had those people on the show.
Mike: Me.
Paul: It's never just tell us what we're working on. It's what have you been reading? What is your favorite comic and you can almost hear people's excitement in the voice like oh I can actually talk about the stuff I like and to have creators talk like fans is like my favorite thing to listen to because suddenly it makes you realize how small of a community comic book readers are unfortunately.
Mike: Ah, yeah. Ah, ah, absolutely.
Paul: But is I the idea of like the people that make comics are fans to begin with so we have this shared thing language to talk about and I love that aspect of it.
Mike: yeah absolutely yeah yeah so yeah I don't know they. Big changes. No change I don't know. However, you guys see it the next the next handful of episodes are gonna be us like really digging in on this and I think the last couple of episodes I've been trying to trying to try new things so I'm really excited to see what we do and some of the episodes that we have planned are going to be are really wild and out there and I hope that you all dig what we have coming in the near future um speaking of things in the near future 1 of the thing that I will say we are changing the music for the show I know episode 3 hundred this episode is gonna have our regular music but music after this episode is gonna be new songs still by infinity shred the best band in the universe. We couldn't give them up. Ah, but ah yeah, this is ah it's gonna be really cool. Zaand and I have have been working on finding new music and it's it's it's gonna be real nice. Xander's threatening to cut some things out of this episode already that I'm talking about so I don't know what's gonna happen. But um, yeah let's' 1 other thing I do want to talk about here. This is mostly just like some housekeeping stuff but ah.
Paul: Possum talk. Awesome.
Mike: The threat everyone thinks that we're doing like irs cv season 2 or all new all different I rcb I mean the joke was out there when I finished this let me go over this whole stuff with patreon and I'll tell you guys about all the crazy shit that Sandra and I were talking about. Um so Beyond three hundred you know, like ah.
Paul: Okay, perfect.
Mike: Changing up the way that we're doing some of our patreon stuff like folks that are already patreon subscribers got this update and the schedule update if you back us at five dollars or more per month you get schedule updates about what we're doing in the near future as well as all the patreon- only series that we've done um like book versus a book irscb movie club saga of saga. Ah, which is 50 60 3 episodes long by the way I do not want to shy away from the fact that we did saga of saga which is an issue-by-iss issue breakdown of every single issue of saga just want to throw that out there. Um giant days of our lives which is brian kate and kara going over every volume of giant days paul and I read. Grant morrison's doom patrol the movie club we're about to hit episode 8 which is gonna be really really exciting. We're doing an allen moore themed month. We picked 3 allen moore comic book based movies. That's we're gonna be talking about you. Gotta go vote but at 5 bucks or more a month you can get access to all that you can vote you can check schedule updates. Um, and yeah, so.
Paul: No.
Mike: Moving forward so we had this ten dollars tier and the ten dollars tier was kind of ephemeral and it wasn't like you get access to show notes and you got access to like voting on new things and it it wasn't really well-utiled and so we're changing things up on the patreon to essentially um, we're we're limiting the number of 10 dollars tiers that you can have or that we have. And ah for ten dollars a month ah as long as you say a ten dollars per month person we will basically allow you to commission an episode of the show. We're going to do 1 a month um probably starting next year and basically the idea is if you you were hoping to get annual subscriptions but 1212 slots ah, ten dollars a month and if you're at that slot, you get to commission who's going to be on the episode and what the episode's going to be about so we're encouraging everyone going to go do that otherwise all the other benefits that the ten dollars to your head are going to move down to the five dollars tier so you get access to the raw show notes for every episode. Um for the most part sometimes we don't have them and so on and so forth. But. Um, and as well as you get to vote on future patreon series and then plus all access to the the series that are going to be only on patreon schedule updates and early access to top of my pile and early access to episodes like everyone from the 2 dollars to your up gets early access to episodes and they come out on Monday. And then the regular episode comes out on Wednesday we do special series like candy bar antler boy usually those girls call up a couple days early as well. Um, so ah, let's see the other thing that we're off, we're changing things is basically yeah I think we're we're adding a new discord role I mentioned at the top of the show. Um, for folks that back at that ten dollars tier you get access to the what's called the ircb inner circle you get a special role where you can basically come chat with us about those special episodes and just be a part of this very limited group of people. So um, yeah, just kind of changing things up to add a little bit more variety fit to things and. Yeah, the only last thing that I'll say is five dollars a month to me is a steal for everything that we offered like I don't want to too my own hor. But holy shit. There's so much stuff to listen to that we've produced in the last 2 years it is mind boggling and 2 we don't know what our next patreon series is going to be.
Nick: First.
Mike: I've been throwing out a bunch of ideas nick and paul I want to hear what your thoughts are if only because 1 of them is is 1 that I've been goofing around with in the back of my head of like um I don't know anything about death metal from dc and I just want to go in blind and I just need someone to go with me on that on that ride or.
Paul: Noon.
Paul: Okay.
Mike: Nick and I are just going to read a short series of manga and just go through it at at fucking breakneck speed like twenty minute episodes max and I'm talking me and nick at twenty minutes max you hear that um you know chainsaw man or again or b l metamorphisis will let who are the patreon folks pick.
Nick: Yeah, yeah.
Nick: Yeah, not gonna happen but okay.
Paul: And.
Mike: Or just something else. Honestly, we're looking for ideas if you have any um, send us start send it your way send us send it to us I guess and the 1 other thing that I've been thinking about is what if we ran a small campaign of kieren gillen's die rpg and we recorded it and released it like an hour long increments or something and we just play it until it's done.
Paul: He.
Mike: Um, because his rpg is about to be finished and I'm right in that pet space of listening to die and I kind of want to play a game around that. But anyways paul nick what are your thoughts? What do? what do you guys? think and I've been talking for ten minutes
Nick: Whoo, Ah sure Well, ah, go ahead. Paul gone.
Paul: look look I've I've spent I was gonna say I spent 6 years trying to get anyone else on the show to read love and rockets. So I guess I'm going to need 1 of these patreon supporters to finally force it to happen. Ah I know I know that I know.
Mike: Um, ah listen I Read Love Bunglers a while ago I Just don't think we had a chance to to talk about it. Maybe we should just do a special minio about that because I think that's you know it's there.
Nick: Okay, okay.
Nick: And I read the 1 that was on the reading challenge this year so we're we're good paul and.
Paul: You know that obviously oh there you go see see I've I'm forcing my slowly but sure you're all going to finish it. No I think um I think what's what's Ah, what's great is that there's such a us.
Mike: Are. Ah, ray.
Paul: What's what I'm looking for an embarrassment of riches of stuff to listen to that. We've talked about and we're really just scratching the surface I mean there's so many comics out there obviously but the strength of the show has been everyone. All of the contributors eclectic and unique styles or tastes in comics. So.
Mike: Yeah, yeah.
Mike: M.
Paul: Being able to cross those streams to talk about someone who's not a big Dc fan about Dc stuff to get someone who doesn't read mango to read manga. Maybe not me, but maybe maybe Nick Um I mean those those conversations.
Nick: Yeah I could see that the lines are already being drawn for all of these things like very clearly we're demarcating where people like what's a bridge too far like is.
Mike: Ah, yeah.
Paul: Sure what's comfort now I think the crossing those streams so to speak um would definitely be the most interesting and fun path to go down and that's when the best conversations happen. So yeah.
Mike: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Mike: Yeah, yeah.
Nick: So basically, what's going to happen is I'm going to get on the love and rockets episode paul's Goingnna end up on the manga episode and we're just gonna um.
Paul: Yeah, exactly yeah.
Mike: Yeah, no, actually it's gonna be a book versus book. But ah, Paul's gonna pick a manga and and Nick you're gonna pick a ah a loving rockets by ah ah yeah, no I mean it's I don't know again I am I just want to do.
Nick: Oh good.
Paul: Ah, there you go.
Mike: Again I just want to do fun stuff and you know that seems really bland and maybe maybe too vague but like there's like you said paul there's so many comics out there. There's so many opportunities for us to just have a lot of fun and I can't wait to do it I think like. Probably going to wait through the rest of this year try to figure out what we're going to do for the next big patreon series giant days of our lives was the big 1 this year saga of saga was the 1 year before that we might try to do something small like I think maybe near the end of the year we might do like a ah quick 1 ne-off thing or something maybe force nick and I to get caught up on and on. Ah.
Nick: Um.
Mike: Ice cream man or something or maybe we'll do a special edition of minisode for Ha Ha because that ties in but it's not part of the ice cream man series. We'll see but nonetheless. Um like I've just go ahead.
Paul: Um, you know Mike Yeah so I want say real quick I Really really enjoyed doing the doom Patrol series I don't know how many people might you listen to it but it was something where I was rereading a book that had read I mean maybe you know half a dozen times already. But I was rereading it to talk about on the show I had would take.
Mike: E.
Paul: Extensive notes for each issue like it really made me reread that series a different way and I think a really like a nice deep dive into something like that. Even if something I'm already familiar with. You know it was ah it was a rewarding experience. So hopefully everyone and else if you haven't listened to it yet. Check that out again. It's 1 of my very favorite com series and again.
Mike: Ah ha.
Mike: Ah, yeah.
Paul: We might need to revisit it now that the third season the show's coming up. So yeah.
Mike: I Know well this is all the more reason for us to do the fabled you know, ah either either dred way Doom Patrol read or that mini seriesies. The four issue mini seriesies about the guy who I can't think of the name of who wear the loin cloth Flinksman Tallo So I mean.
Paul: Yeah, and.
Paul: Flexman Tallo. Yes, yeah.
Nick: Flex metallo.
Mike: We could if we want to dig back into it or Tv Series Review Paul Do we do a Tv series who who knows um I don't know. But yeah, so that's that's pretty much everything I had as far as announcements. Um I don't know anything else. You guys want to talk about really quick cause otherwise we have a very special voicemail.
Paul: Oh we'll see oh maybe yeah.
Mike: From from our good friend danny that we can. We can listen to. Okay, let's dig in so our our friend danny he is from the Danny's been a longtime listener to the show and we love him to death. He's also got his own podcast next to you podcast and.
Paul: Let's hear it from Danny Let's ah, let's do it.
Mike: Yeah, he's very worried in the chat. But I listened to a little bit of this earlier and it's a very very nice voice Bell So let's ah.
Nick: I Hope the whole thing is just a whole plug for his own show that would that would make that I want that more than anything else honestly like.
Paul: Yes, yeah, that's fine.
Mike: Um, and here we go
Danny: hey everyone at the I read comma books podcast danny here I just want to wish all a happy 3 hundred episode when I started listening back in I don't know maybe twenty sixteen seventeen. I found the podcast to be very different than a lot of stuff I've ever listened to when I come to comics I really liked that there were several combinations of hosts and there were so many people that were just really passionate and interested in talking about all aspects of comics. Not just like. You know what? the reading? What's what's going on. Not just like you know superhero stuff but like all kinds of stuff and it's been so much fun to watch the podcast evolve and change and bring in people and you know as someone that listens to this pretty much every week and I love listening live I think that's 1 of the coolest features. Just because you get to really get to see how the you know how everything's made how this sausage is made and sometimes that's a little it's it's a lot There's so much that doesn't get put out in the podcast because it happens in between like when you know when the hosts are taking a break. Yeah, it's just ah, it's it's a great community. I've enjoyed the times that I've gotten to go on the podcast. That's definitely been a lot of fun because you know like ah doing my own thing like it's very different from what you guys do? So. It's always so really cool to step into different shoes and hopefully. 1 day in the future. We'll finally actually get to get together and hang out to meet talk about all the comics that we love and all the stuff that we just kind of talk about on on a regular basis. But hell yeah, we'll get to do it in person. So yeah, happy 3 hundred episode. This is quite a milestone I mean I don't I can't even imagine that. You guys thought this would be something that would happen like you know, like 3 hundred is such a such a great great milestone. But I'm very happy looking forward to whatever this 3 hundred episode looks like I'm still looking forward to way more things and just hearing back from everyone so many cool people. Through listening to the podcast and talking and hanging out in you know, just I feel like I've just been introduced to a really great community. So. It's really nice to see that there's other people that are as enthused about comics as I am and maybe even more sometimes. Ah so. It's always very cool but we all kind of have our space and our niche and like we know what you know as we get to know each other understand what everyone's likes dislikes and things. Maybe we haven't even tried I've read so many things that I would have never because of the podcast and recommendation from everyone. So.
Paul: Sure.
Danny: Yeah I hope you guys have ah a great 1 and I think that this is gonna be this is gonna be 1 for the books I can't wait to listen live like take care everyone.
Mike: Oh man, thank you Danny that is that is so nice, man.
Paul: A man. Yeah, thank you so much jenny.
Nick: Thanks Danny Yeah, that was ah that.
Mike: Listen I am 1 ah hundred percent for people sending us voicemails like that Honestly like this is this warms my heart and it's so much fun. Um, so danny thank you so much man I genuinely means so much that you've continued to like listen to our show and I I love doing the candy bar antlerbar. So cander bar. Antler boy series with you. Can't wait to do the next 1 for season 2 like I'm super hyped and yeah, thank you so much and everybody danny said he didn't plug his show I'm gonna plug his show form next issue podcast. It's fantastic Highly recommend it. Um, those guys go hard I'll just say that they go hard. Um.
Paul: I feel.
Mike: Ah, into comics and stuff. So ah yeah I don't know Nick paul go ahead I've I've been talking over both? yeah.
Paul: I'm I'm I'm really really touched by Danny's words there that does mean a lot to me the idea of that. Ah I always wanted the show when we started once we figured out what we wanted it to be to be a celebration of comics and I think by doing that we would. We would find a community of listeners and I think we've done that and it's become a community of friends.
Mike: Yeah, yeah.
Paul: And ah, you know I think we do stand out. Theres a lot of shitty combook podcasts out there. Luckily oh we're we're a good 1 and I think that's because of the listenership and because of our our commitment to sobering comics in art form and making it as accessible as possible. So thank you danny I'm glad glad to hear that worked out. So yeah.
Nick: Who who.
Mike: Yeah.
Nick: But I I love that Paul have the the opportunity you to really give a real like hedge your bets. Well, there's something for everyone sort of comment and he just went straight for the fucking neck and was just like yeah for everyone else is trash and it's a wasteland and.
Paul: Thank you.
Mike: Yeah, yeah.
Paul: Farewell. Yeah, well exactly.
Nick: We're all glad you're here. So um, no ah I I think no I think danny really hit the nail on the head. Um, just it's it's a diverse group of people I think we do manage to hit on topics that um. You're just not seeing in other places and I that that means a lot to me because I think we've had discussions over the years about trying to appeal to the masses about trying to broaden our horizons and.
Paul: 2 and.
Nick: Bring in news articles and look some look like something akin to but to bleeding cool and in some capacity and um, we yeah those conversations were fleeting but they still happened and we we decided against it.
Mike: Um. Yeah, yeah.
Nick: Um, as as Mike said earlier, you know we we talked about that but then just decided to work with our yeah, our group our community and and Danny is obviously a very valued member of that and I you know it's It's great to hear From. From from listeners that they like sort of this big diversity that we offer and that it's encouraging them to sort of expand you know expand their horizons and and have new things to Try. Um and and every once in a while I'll.
Mike: Yeah, yeah.
Nick: Try new things too and that's about once every other year and I've already. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Paul: Well.
Mike: Listen we're slowly chipping away at that at that mountain. Um, yeah I mean you know I said my piece here but like I okay this is crazy ah lot of the slots for our ten dollars tier are gone. Few people have some dedicated options. They want to.
Paul: That.
Paul: Wow! Thank you.
Mike: Thank you! This is amazing. Um, yeah I guess I don't know to wrap up this show. You know we're we're gonna be. We're gonna we're gonna do a q and a I think after the credits but ah still I'm really excited for what's gonna happen after 3 hundred and I hope that everybody is onboard for some really fun stuff. Looking forward to these commissioned episodes. This is gonna be amazing. Um. And yeah I think I think that pretty much wraps everything up. Ah so shit next week's episode is going to be about witches in comics. The best the worst the weirdest with Kate and Kate I think we're going to be recording at a different time I think we're aiming for 3 pm next week just because of some scheduling Stuff. So if you want to listen live make sure you check in at 3 p m eastern standard. Um, but yeah, we're gonna be talking about Witches I'm gonna be going hard into all of mega hecks so get ready for some disgusting stuff. Um, anyways, um, you guys can people are very excited for which episode. Um, you can follow us all on Twitter you can follow paul at hawaipoly but.
Paul: Yes, yes.
Nick: Oh my god.
Mike: Excuse me, you can follow paul on Twitter at Ohhihpaly you can follow nick at deathstar plans. You can follow me at mike rapin and you can follow the show at icb podcast on Twitter and instagram.
Paul: This episode first aired on patreon and it's possible because of our wonderful patrons join today for exclusive series like ib movie club saga saga and much more of which we talked about extensively already in this episode. You can do that by joining now at patreon dot com slash icb podcast. And if you haven't already, please take a minute to rate review the show I think five stars is a fair rating. You can do that on apple podcast stitcher or every listened podcast. It honestly does help the show and help us spread the word about irscb.
Nick: You can join the Ircb Discord community to chat comics and more and listen to our episodes live as we record and it would help us a lot if you tell your friends or your local comic shop about the show.
Mike: Infinity Shred is the best band in the Universe. They do all of our music and they're going to continue to do all of our music. They are Amazing. Xander is a very cool guy who makes a sound very cool I Can't wait to hear this interview thing that he's doing so ah, everybody look forward to that as Well. On top of this episode and until next time. I Want to say thank you to everyone who's listening live all 8 or nine or 10 of you. There was a bunch of people at 1 point. Thank you to Paul and Nick for doing this episode. Thank you to everyone out there who listens to our show and shares and everyone who sports us on Patreon You are all fantastic human beings and we would not be doing the show if it wasn't for all of you So until next time comics are good. And so are you all right? Ah yeah, so 3 hundred baby. Let's go.. That's what the kids say So um, now that we're all here I do want to say if you guys have any questions for Us. We are here and let's let's get him going.