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Bonus Minisode 1 | Archie Part 1

This week’s episode was recorded sometime in the past…! This is the first of many bonus episodes we will be releasing on a monthly basis (as requested by so many of you!). Mike and Kara focus on Archie Comics–who’s who, what’s what, why, where, and how!? Archie and his gang of pals is a mystery, but this episode should (hopefully)…

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Episode 58 | What’s the deal with social media?

This week’s episode was recorded on February 13th, 2016. This week, Mike, Nick, and Jeff talk comics, their comic picks (Archie #6, Imperium #13, and Snowfall #1). After tangenting for a bit, the focus of the show (barely) manages to stick to the topic of the “social contract” between comic creators and their fans on social media. Relevant Links Mike…

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