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Episode 117 | Special Guest: Matt Horak

This episode was recorded on June 4th, 2017. Our show this week has a special guest! Matt Horak, creator of OctoSkull at Earthquaker Comics and current artist on The Punisher at Marvel. Paul and Brian join Mike to chat comics and being a comic creator with Matt, how he works (pencils, inks, watching Star Wars a whole lot), and go…

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Episode 113 | I like your songs, Mike

This episode was recorded on April 30th, 2017. Our show is this week features a new guest: Rene Rodriguez! Rene and Brian join Mike to talk about our Goodreads pick of the month: The Spire by Simon Spurrier, Jeff Stokely, Andre May, and Steve Wands. Also: Rene apparently has a song Mike wrote/sung on his computer? Timestamps 00:00:00 – Start/Last…

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The Weekly Pull List – May 3rd, 2017

Only once a week are we blessed with the book of comics, and we shall be merry for it… What’s on YOUR Pull List?

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