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Tag: maxwell’s demons

Episode 205 | Poststructuralism is like, “YOU ARE THE FATHER OF THAT BABY”

Paul, Tia, and Kara dive into a deep discussion about the “death of the author” or idea of separating a comic book creator (or any kind of creator/artist/writer/etc.) from their work. Is it possible?

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Episode 141 | Goodreads Pick of the Month: Snow Blind

This episode was recorded on December 17th, 2017. This week’s episode is the last FULL episode of the year, and what an episode it is! This week it’s a Goodread’s Pick of the Month from the IRCB crew and we read Snow Blind by Ollie Masters, Tyler Jenkins, and Colin Bell. Also this week, our newest regular guest: Kait Lamphere! Kate…

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Episode 135 | Special Guest: Deniz Camp!

This episode was recorded on November 5th, 2017. This week we have another amazing interview. Deniz Camp, comic writer, chicken-raiser, and fantastic person joins Mike, Paul, and Brian to talk about the life of a comic creator and what it means to try to write something meaningful, different, and surprising. Our Kickstarter is fully funded! Now, we’re on to stretch goals! Check…

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