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Tag: Ms. Marvel

Episode 71 | I’m not an expert in stickers

This week’s episode was recorded on May 15th, 2016. Our show this week features guests Paul and Nick with our host Mike Rapin. Starting off with a discussion about the death of Darwyn Cooke, the discussion turns to All Ages comics and what makes a comic “All Ages” vs. being “Just for Kids.” Comic Reads/Picks for this week American Alien…

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Episode 48 | Sexy Bad Babies

This week’s episode was recorded on December 6th, 2015. Hosts Mike, Zander, and Tia talk their comic picks (Ms. Marvel #2, Monstress #2, and Secret Wars #8) followed by a few of the books they read in the past week or so. There’s something about cats at one point, but the big focus for the week is about comic book…

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Episode 16 | Positive Subversion

This week’s episode was recorded April 12th, 2015. This week, Mike and the gang were busier than usual so we’ve edited together one of our few pre-recorded special episodes of the I Read Comic Books podcast featuring a friend of the podcast (and sometimes contributor), Tommy Valdez. Tommy brought up the topic of positive subversion and how comics, and other mediums, are…

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