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Nick White - Wednesday, April 19th, 2017

Nick White
  • All-Star Batman #9
  • Batman #21
  • Black Hammer #8
  • Dept. H #13
  • Descender #21
  • Green Arrow #21
  • Ninjak #26
  • Super Sons #3

We’re now at the final issue of the “Ends of the Earth” arc for All-Star Batman.  It’s gonna be a showdown with whichever Rogue’s Gallery villain turns out to be behind the whole thing.  My fingers are crossed for someone rather goofy (here’s looking at you, Scarface, or you, Cluemaster)…but tonally, I don’t think Scott Snyder is gonna reach so far into left field.  Important to note though, last month we were made aware that Jock was taking over pencil duties from Afua Richardson, who apparently dislocated her shoulder.  Here’s to hoping for a speedy recovery, and another opportunity for a collab with Snyder.

Dear Batman #21, I forgot to preorder your brethern for this “The Button” crossover…I’m talking about The Flash.  Here’s hoping my shop banks on people being as dumb as me, and orders a few extra.  Worst case scenario…Jason Fabok art.  He might not have the most unique style, but you’d be hard pressed to find artists as detailed as he is, with the level of across-the-board appeal he’s garnered.  And I agree with Paulie…still not sure how I feel about these Watchmen shenanigans.  Someone should ask Alan Moore about it…

I’m an issue behind on Black Hammer, and given that it wrapped the second arc (and, rumor has it, got at one or two of the book’s long-standing mysteries), I’m neither going to speculate nor read about this week’s issue.  Lemire’s got company though, as I also find myself one back on Dept. H…the book wherein Matt Kindt has done a wonderful job of continuing to make everyone a viable baddie.  Aside from the main character.  *PAUSES*  Oh shit, what if it’s the main character?  Didn’t Lit have a song about being one’s “own worst enemy?”  Remember that song?  Just Google it.  Won’t leave your brain for a week, maybe two.

It seems like with every new project Jeff Lemire tackles, from Black Hammer to Royal City, that Descender falls further and further off people’s radar.  And, for a book that’s rapidly closing in on two years’ worth of issues, I guess I’d be inclined to agree with those that say it doesn’t have that “NEW #1” lustre.  I get that.  Yet this book continues to get better and better, and while I sometimes get anxious when an artist I love is locked into one project for a very, very long time, Dustin Nguyen is Descender.  Nobody else should ever draw this book.  Plus, Nguyen is currently drawing my Super Sons variant covers…so my Nguyen/Batman fix has been currently sated.

Also, Neal Adams?  Isn’t on Green Arrow variants this week.  Maybe this month?  Maybe it’s for good?  I’m not sure.  Replacing him is Mike Grell, who also happens to be a fairly established Emerald Archer artist, perhaps best know for “The Longbow Hunters” arc.  Thankfully, Juan Ferreyra remains on pencils, one of DC’s flagrantly underrated artists.

Oh, and Ninjak reaches the end of the “Seven Blades of Master Darque” arc.  While I would have loved to have Marc Laming draw the final issue, Segovia is perfectly fine…I just want to know what’s gonna happen to Roku.