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Mike Rapin - Wednesday, April 26th, 2017

Mike Rapin
  • Bitch Planet #10
  • The Flash #21
  • Kill Or Be Killed #8
  • Man-Thing #3 (of 5)
  • The Old Guard #3
  • Star Wars: Darth Maul #3 (of 5)
  • X-Men Gold #2
  • X-O Manowar #2

Definitely ready for this week. Though, I’m so far behind from last week… we’ll see how far I get.

Kill or Be Killed can keep on coming. This arc has been super interesting. Seeing things from Kira’s perspective last month was incredible. I’m way too excited about where this book is going. Brubaker and Philips are killing it. *badumtsh*

Man-Thing has been dumb and fun, can’t complain. R.L. Stine is a goofball, I’ve decided it.

Bitch Planet. HELL. YES. I need this book in my life.

Yes, I’m readingĀ X-O Manowar. The pulp sci-fi feel of this book really hooked me last issue. Nick recommended this to me and I’m definitely on board to give this book at least an arc or so.

And now it’s time to get moreĀ X-Men Gold and I just want to wrap my arms around this book and love it to death. Despite the art shit that happened, I am in LOVE with the story of this book. Guggenheim blew me away in #1.