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Paul Jaissle - Wednesday, December 20th, 2017

Paul Jaissle
  • Batman #37
  • Batwoman #10
  • Dark Nights: Metal #4
  • Future Quest Presents #5
  • Justice League #35
  • Superman #37
  • X-Men Grand Design #1

Well, after a tiny list last week, it’s only fitting that this week would be a big one. As such, the biggest book (literally) on my pull list this week is the first issue of Ed Piskor’s X-Men Grand Design. I am a very casual X-Fan, so having a historian like Piskor guide me though the twists and turns of X-Men history is very appealing. As evidenced by his Hip Hop Family Tree, Piskor has the ability to condense encyclopedic knowledge into a fun, readable story.

I have to confess: the previous issue of Dark Nights: Metal was kind of a mess. Writer Scott Snyder clearly has a grand story to tell, but it seems like his writing style is better suited to smaller, more intimate stories. That said, I am invested enough in DC Comics mythology to stick with this miniseries until the end.

The new creative team of Christopher Priest and Pete Woods seem to be doing something really interesting with Justice League. The previous issue saw the League stretched to its limit, with tragic results. Now, the ante is upped as an alien invasion looms. This seems like the sort of big action book that the JL deserves, and I am definitely intrigued where Priest and Woods will take this title.