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Kate Skocelas - Wednesday, June 15th, 2016

Kate Skocelas
Kate Skocelas
  • Batman #1
  • Black Widow #4
  • Civil War II #2
  • Sex Criminals Vol. 3

This week, I’m most excited for Batman #1.  The Rebirth issue was notable for its excellent art by Mikel Janin, but I’m hoping this issue will start showing off Tom King’s writing chops. I have been a huge fan of his since his work on Vision, and hope that he will be just as masterful in his treatment of Batman.

I continue to enjoy Black Widow and Civil War II, though I can still be found grumping about Civil War II‘s $6 price tag every other week at my shop.  Between this and Rebirth double shipping, my comics budgeting is all out of wack.  

One of the ways I’m trying to balance it out is, instead of buying Sex Criminals Vol. 3 this week, I’ve placed a hold on it at my local library.  If it’s as good as the first two, I will probably still end up buying it, but it’s the thought that counts, right?  Right?!