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Mike Rapin - Wednesday, August 3rd, 2016

Mike Rapin
  • Batman #4
  • Deadpool vs. Gambit #3
  • Jonesy #5
  • Kill or Be Killed #1
  • Moon Knight #5
  • Nailbiter #24
  • Paper Girls #8
  • The Punisher #4
  • Sex #30
  • Trees #14
  • Uncanny X-Men #11
  • 4001 AD War Mother #1

Crap. I am buying too many comic books…

Oh man! Trees! I almost forgot about this book! I’m definitely going to need to go back and find the last issues of this arc to make sure I know what’s happening. Nonetheless: EXCITED!

The Punisher has been brutal and on point. Keep it up Becky Cloonan, this is violent and perfect.

Jonesy is back…? I’m kind of disappointed in this book if only because I really was hoping for a standalone story. I don’t want an on going book, and yet, here it is. Finality is not something to be scared of, people. I have a feeling we’ll see this book end in 3-5 issues once people realize it’s not a short, fun story, but now a long drawn-out, but fun!, story.

Moon Knight continues to be top-notch everything. Writing. Inks. Pencils. Colors. Lettering. Covers. This is a 100% awesome book. This is easily the book I am most excited for this week.