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Nick White - Wednesday, August 10th, 2016

Nick White
  • All Star Batman #1
  • Archer and Armstrong #6
  • Birthright #18
  • Ninjak #18
  • Prometheus: Life and Death #3

This week we’ve got a wide variety of titles on the list, with DC, Valiant, Image, and Dark Horse all contributing.

Just how long have we had to go without a Batman story written by Scott Snyder?  That’s not a knock against Tom King, let’s be 100% clear.  It’s just that…uhh…in the words of the Internet…”why not both?”  Look, in the immortal words of Queen, “I want it all…and I want it now,” and I couldn’t agree more.  Oh, and not to whip out that “well, actually…” on my esteemed colleague Mr. Jaissle, but I did read in an interview that All Star Batman will actually build (not in extensive or meticulous ways, mind you) on existing canon.

For starters, the debut issue coming out this week will deal with Two-Face (as the focal point of the book is equal parts rotating villains and rotating artists) with John Romita Jr drawing the issue.  HOWEVER, those of us that are “in the know” recall that Two-Face is actually supposed to be dead, following the events of Batman and Robin #28.  As Snyder recently explained on Twitter, we’re gonna be getting an explanation, and there will more than likely be coin flipping involved.

After last month’s one-shot date issue, Archer and Armstrong (AnA) kicks off its second arc, “Clowntown,” with a visit to the circus.  For a book skirting the edge, heading off to a place littered with wild animals and clowns is not what I’d describe as “playing to the audience.” Yet, with Mike Norton (BattlepugRevival) sticking around on pencils the book has a few more issues to show me what its got.

Birthright’s recent shtick has been that “GUESS WHAT EVERYBODY FROM OUR WORLD ACTUALLY HAS ROOTS IN THE FANTASY REALM.”  It’s getting a little long in the tooth.

After the shattering revelations in last month’s issue of Ninjak, the book leaps forward in time to cover events briefly discussed in last summer’s “Book of Death.”  Specifically, that Colin King and Gilad Anni-Padda (Eternal Warrior) would become the world’s defenders in the chaos that would inevitably appear.  I wasn’t the biggest fan of this upcoming arc’s artist, Khari Evans, but his work on the final arc of Imperium has allayed those fears.

Finally, who else is turbo psyched that the characters and events from Aliens: Fire and Stone found their way into Prometheus: Life and Death?  Crazy crazy crazy.  Even I thought it was a little too “big picture” thinking for a series that is usually anthology-based.