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Paul Jaissle - Wednesday, September 14th, 2016

Paul Jaissle
  • All Star Batman #2
  • Black Panther #6
  • Detective Comics #940
  • Doom Patrol #1
  • Gotham Academy Second Semester #1
  • New Super-Man #3

Since it was announced earlier this summer, I have been anxiously awaiting the new Doom Patrol series by Gerard Way and Nick Derington. The Doom Patrol are among the most interesting “weird DC” properties, and Grant Morrison’s run on the title in the 1990s–arguably the best comic of the decade–is a personal favorite of mine. Given Way’s admitted Morrison fandom, I expect him to channel the feel of that classic title while taking the Patrol to new, strange adventures.

After taking most of the summer off, the students of Gotham Academy are back for a second volume, er, “semester”. This book is as close as we’re getting to an “all-ages” book in DC’s main continuity right now, and I am glad to see it return.

Some of the time-jumping storytelling choices Scott Snyder and John Romita, Jr. may have made the first issue of All Star Batman a bit confusing, but there was enough of a hook to keep me interested. The idea of getting Batman out of Gotham is an interesting one, especially much of Snyder’s previous Batman work focused on the relationship between the city and the vigilante. If anything, this is just yet another example of just how versatile a character the Caped Crusader can be.