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Nick White - Wednesday, December 21st, 2016

Nick White
  • Aliens: Life and Death #4
  • Batman #13
  • Black Hammer #6
  • Bloodshot U.S.A. #3
  • Dept. H #9
  • Divinity III: Stalinverse #1
  • Ether #2
  • Green Arrow #13

So, the “Life and Death” event for Aliens really needs a flowchart or map that shows me what colonial marines went where…and when.  This book either needs to cull the cast to a point where it’s easier to follow, or “get the band back together” so I can follow along.  Is this better than “Fire and Stone?”  You know, it probably isn’t.  But I’d also be kidding myself if I didn’t admit just how much ‘effin work “Fire and Stone” must have took.

Tale as old as time.  Nick falls behind on Batman.  Nick manages to find himself only two issues behind.  New issue of said book rolls out.  Nick admits defeat.

Speaking of books I’m behind on, add the Lemire/Ormston original title Black Hammer to that list.  Behind on that too.

While on the topic of one of my favorite Canadian comic creators, I eagerly anticipate Lemire’s upcoming third issue of Bloodshot U.S.A., where he’ll hopefully explain how the HELL we’ve time-warped to somewhere in the middle of The Valiant’s events.  We’ve got Kay “back,” but for real?  And for how long?

Why not add another “Dark Horse original I love, but am also behind on in ways that are shame-inducing” so Black Hammer has some company?  In fact, why don’t we add a work by that author’s co-writer on The Valiant, Matt Kindt?  Is anybody else impressed by all these connections I’m making?  Anybody?  So, yeah.  I love Dept. H…hoping to remedy that soon.

Look, I have a lot of questions for Divinity III.  Most of all, I’d like to know if this world in which Russia wins the Cold War is meant to be a distortion/rewrite of our universe, an alternate universe, or a standalone “what if” scenario that stands to not actually impact anything?  Also  5 OUT OF THE 8 BOOKS ON THIS LIST ARE EITHER KINDT OR LEMIRE.  IS THIS GOOD?  Ahem…so yeah, wondering about that.  Let’s not forget that reality distortion and time-traveling were strong elements in the series past two iterations.  Nothing’s impossible.

I really enjoyed the first issue of Ether, and I expect the second to be no different.  There’s no doubting that Kindt and David Rubin have crafted a wonderfully thought-out world that doesn’t waste its time explaining it all…but leaves the reader to slowly piece it together.  Yet I think the part that truly has me curious is the seeming distortion between the Boone Dias of our world, and the one of theirs.  Does he indeed carry the vaulted titles and accolades in our world that he boasts of in theirs?  The closing pages begged the question.

So far, Ben Percy has delivered such a wide variety of Green Arrow stories with such a large-scale cast that I can’t imagine there hasn’t been something for everyone.  Also, honestly, this is one of the best looking DC titles, even though its cycled through more artists than other Rebirth titles