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Kate Skocelas - Wednesday, February 15th, 2017

Kate Skocelas
Kate Skocelas
  • Batwoman Rebirth #1
  • Animosity #5
  • Batman #17
  • Mother Panic #3
  • Gamora #3
  • Star Lord #3
  • God Country #2

I am behind on every single returning title on my list this week, but who cares because OH MY GOD BATWOMAN IS BACK AND BEING WRITTEN BY A QUEER WOMAN!!!

Hands down my favorite DC character, I first met Kate Kane in Greg Rucka and J.H. Williams III’s Batwoman: Elegy.  It remains my favorite superhero origin story, and I’m hoping Marguerite Bennett and Ben Oliver don’t alter it too much.  According to the previews catalog, Batwoman Rebirth is a prologue issue that will explain where Batwoman comes from and set up the conflict for the first arc, “The Many Arms of Death.”

Having queer characters is important, but so often we end up with a hetero male idea of queerness instead of real representation.  I am thrilled that the Batwoman solo book is finally being written by a woman, and even happier that she’s being written by a queer woman.  Kudos to DC for finally making this happen.